Hosted VoIP

Fully-featured telephone system without the outlay

Network Assistance’s hosted VoIP systems allow small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from a fully-featured telephone business system without the expensive outlay and with no need for dedicated equipment.

Hosted VoIP provides a tremendously flexible way for your business to access the latest VoIP technology, save money on your telephone costs and work smarter by having a fully-featured business phone system.

Your hosted VoIP system can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • Using an app on your smartphone
  • Using a softphone on your computer
  • Using a dedicated VoIP handset

With VoIP technology, your employees can be contacted through your telephone switchboard no matter where they are.  In addition, calls transferred to their individual extension can be met with voicemail or forwarded on to a mobile.

Quite simply, with Network Assistance’s VoIP solution, your telephone number will no longer be tied to a specific location and calls can follow you wherever you go!  Again, if you are unable to take calls (or away from the internet) you can choose precisely how your calls are dealt with.

To find out more about the benefits of hosted VoIP technology, contact Network Assistance today!