IT Services


Cabling is critical – three-quarters of network faults are cable related. We have a proven track record in providing effective and reliable cabling solutions.

Disaster recovery

Is your business secure when the worst-case scenario actually happens? Protect against catastrophic data loss, theft, fire and equipment failure, and get back up and running with minimal downtime.

IT Audits

Let us manage your IT assets, so you can manage your business. We’ll monitor systems, software licences and warranties, so you don’t miss crucial anti-virus or security updates.

IT consultancy

We’ve provided proactive and professional IT consultancy since 1996, so if you feel your IT strategy could do with a boost, choose our expert, hands-on approach.

Network security

Online threats are increasing, and businesses are having to work harder to combat them. Let us do the hard work for you – we’ll put defences in place that stop viruses and other attacks before they reach your network.


We provide bespoke network solutions for organisations of all sizes. Let us find the best, future-proof solution for your business and your budget.

Office relocations

Think IT problems are an inevitable symptom of office moves? Think Network Assistance. We can move your systems and network infrastructure, or manage the entire relocation process.

Server installation

From installation to backup, from software troubleshooting to hardware recommendations, our server solutions are tailored to your business and your needs.

Server monitoring

Who’s watching when your server goes down? We use monitoring systems to ensure that potential problems are identified before they cause damage, and ensure that all relevant software is up-to-date.


Cheaper phone calls, better features, more flexibility. And VoIP systems can be integrated with your existing landline too.