IT Audits

Keeping track of your IT assets – so you don’t have to!

Small businesses can often find the ongoing management of their computer systems, software and hardware warranties time-consuming and problematic.

As your IT specialist, Akita can remove the burden and manage your IT assets (both software and hardware) on your behalf.

From an initial IT audit to document your computer systems, network infrastructure and the software licenses held, Akita will manage this and inform you when any software is due for renewal.  This makes your life easier and, as well as not missing any software renewals for such things as anti-virus, spam removal and SSL, Akita will track the ongoing costs to ensure that you are getting value for money.

It may be the case that you simply want a one-off audit completed to ascertain what IT assets are held and to ensure that your software is all compliant.  Again, Akita can efficiently complete this to ensure minimum disruption to your users.

If you do not have an IT register in place and would like to discuss this further, contact us today for further details and to find out how cost-effective the process can be.