Our IT Services

IT Services throughout Oxford and London

Need a truly proactive computer service provider? We can help.

Here at Network Assistance, we’ve been providing IT services to businesses in the south east of England since 1996. Now, we’re one of the region’s leading providers of IT support, services and technologies.

Better IT Services = Better business

You need to get an invoice to a customer fast, but your desktop’s insisting on a reboot. You’re out on a job and need to check some figures, but your smartphone can’t view the file. You’re wasting too much time on admin, manually inputting data when you’re sure there’s a better way.

With IT systems critical to the successful running of any business, can you afford one that lets you down?
You don’t have to.

Whether you want to mobilise your employees with email on the move, improve the reliability of your computer systems or take advantage of new technologies, our IT services can help.

We know it can be hard to negotiate the complexities, so allow us to take it on. We’ll work with you to understand what you need, and present a case to you outlining the IT services and technologies that can make your business work better. And that’s just the start. With the IT industry evolving so quickly, it’s important to have a partner for the long-term. So we’ll not only support you through implementation but be on-hand to help with training and technical support on an ongoing basis. And we’ll keep you in the loop with new advances that we feel could benefit your business.

How can we do it

  • We undertake a thorough audit of your current systems
  • We then present a detailed report of our findings, along with an executive summary
  • From this, you can clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system, and the benefit of our recommendations
  • We work with you to implement the system improvements
  • Once up and running, our proactive support monitors your new systems around the clock, identifying and heading off any problems before they arise
  • We keep in touch on a regular basis to let you know about new technologies which could further improve reliability and save you money